“Paul’s conversion did not change his religion, for he never forsook Judaism. His one disappointment was that he could not convince his fellow religionists of the truth of what had taken place in him.”

“Paul represents every individual – be he male or female – who arrives at that point in time when he awakens to discover that the characters of scripture did not exist in time and space, but are eternal spiritual states, which the individual moves through toward the climax, which is Jesus Christ.”

“The fundamental story of scripture is a metamorphosis – a complete change of form. Like the grub worm is transformed into the butterfly, so man – as we understand him – is turned into Jesus Christ. And when it happens in you, there is no one to whom you can turn.”

“It is a fact you cannot deny. I could no more deny my experiences of Christ unfolding within me, than I can deny the fact that I am standing before you now. And I am not unique. Christ will unfold in every child born of woman. He must, for God cannot and will not fail to fulfill his promise in all”.

The word “Saul” means “to inquire; to ask.” Entering the state of Saul, you are questioning life – its purpose and plan. Is there a God? Why am I here? Saul’s is a questing mind, one which is seeking an answer to the phenomena of life. ”  – Neville Goddard

  Neville Goddard

Let’s dive in…

What character are you playing today? 

Where are YOU in your adventure as Jumping Mouse – today?

Let’s soar higher….

Notes or Transcript:

I really like the Jumping Mouse book. 

It’s in the files section on Facebook. If you want, I can email you a copy of it as well.

Jumping Mouse is pretty cool.

You see, I noticed that the native Americans that told stories and passed these down…

….from generation to generation, to me they were pretty genius because they realize that if you have a story about a mouse that meets a raccoon, and they have a conversation, and they share an experience.

The mouse gets a new name…

…and he comes back and he’s wet and he bumps into the busy mice and the older mice and it wants to share what happened. He really wanted to bring Raccoon home with him so he had proof of something.

On some level, we get that this is ridiculous.

On another level, we get this is REAL – and it’s REALLY YOU.

  • We get that they’re all characters.
  • What Neville would actually call states.

There’s the state of Busy Mouse who’s just busy: busy, busy, busy, staying distracted from their desires and who and what they truly are. You see, Busy Mouse just stays busy.

Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy.

Dread and Distraction Diven Mice.

But Little Mouse, little tiny mouse at the beginning of the story, he knows there’s something more, there’s something different, that he hears something.

“Hearing” often in the old stories is actually about “feeling something in your bones”.

Remember, your bathe people with your voice.

And so Little Mouse feels something. He hears something, he doesn’t know what it is. He finds out that it’s the river, but we’re not going to go there yet.

On his way of adventuring…

a little bit out of camp, and a little bit further out of camp, and finding new things to touch and new places to explore, he bumps into a magnificent being:


Raccoon and him have a conversation and Raccoon shows him something which you can dive into. Literally, you can make a splash there. And if you crouch low and jump high, you can see the sacred mountains that most people think are a myth.

But here’s the thing guys, it’s all about states.

Notice that Little Mouse met a lot of characters along the way. In other words, he met himself in different ways. He met places where he could get stuck, because he could be stuck as Busy Mouse or he could be stuck as Old Mouse who lives in the choke cherries stand.

Stuck in the STATE of Old Mouse….

Who knows the names of all the things on the prairie, but there is no such thing as the sacred mountain, says Old Mouse. But Little Mouse who became Jumping Mouse, he continues on his adventure.

Emotions and Sensations – making waves…

This is the thing guys, if you really dive into that story and you notice the emotions and the sensations that that mouse has along his adventure, that these are the same ones that you get to have too.

You see, Little Mouse who became Jumping Mouse, he had a vision.

A vision of the sacred mountains got tattooed into his brain.

He could have went back to being busy. God, we can do that. Dread and distraction driven days. That’s busy mice. But instead, he took his adventure.

  • He ran beneath the belly of the buffalo.
  • He made it to the base of the sacred mountains.
  • He lost his old ways of perceiving so he could perceive in a new way.

You’ll notice he surrendered and he moved. He didn’t just sit under the choke cherries.

Here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to notice the rules that you give life to: the role that you’re in now, or the role that you put me in, the roles that you put the people around you in, because you give them all roles from this book.

You give them all roles from scripture, as well.

I love how Neville said the characters in scripture are characters.

(How we stated that) They weren’t real people. Whether or not they were, I mean, I know some people get upset with this point, (but either way0 they’re characters to you today.

One Greater than John…

You really, really got to get this because as we explored with our bit on one greater than John, this is important, because you do violence to your desires by not giving them life today. You do violence to your desires by giving life to something else, some dread, some drama.

And like Little Mouse…

…it’s time to move beyond that.

It’s time to step out a little bit. Tiny little steps are what the mouse takes. Sometimes little from here to there, sometimes across the prairie hidden by the buffalo. Tiny little steps.

What happens is you notice, and here’s the thing, don’t force yourself to take tiny little steps.


Move into your state so fully that you notice tiny little steps, because you can’t help it.

You can’t help but notice. You can’t help it. Here’s a tiny little step. When I’m in the state of loving teacher, I want to teach.

If I’m in the state of loving puppy dad primarily, I’m going to probably throw the ball.

  • If I’m in the state of loving husband, how many different ways can I play there?
  • It could be as simple as touching Victoria’s bottom, or buying her posies, or wanting to.
  • Even if I can’t, that desire to, the looking forward to it.

The littlest step is noticing that you perceive differently. In the story, you’ll notice that Jumping Mouse gives up his eyes. He gives up his old ways of perceiving.

When I see the world as a teacher, as a loving husband, as a loving puppy dad, I see it with different criteria.

Just like seeing the world as a cop. Before I was a cop, I learned, I started seeing the world as a policeman did. As I hung out with policemen, you know, I’m the rookie. I start seeing more of how they see and what they see.

Here’s part of the play.

If you haven’t read it yet, go for it. Just read a little bit at a time. Take it in. Remember, they’re all aspects of you. If you have read it, read it again. Explore a little bit, discover, play, and post. We’ll catch you on the Facebook group. See you.


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