“Remember the day your boss criticized you, and you are molding an image of yourself based upon what he said. Being undesirable, that image is misshapen.

“Unable to discard yourself, go down to the potter’s house by taking the same scene and reshaping yourself by remembering the day your boss congratulated you on your accomplishments.

“Will this act change your world? Yes! I tell you: the God of the universe is shaping you morning, noon, and night, as you accept words, actions, and events from seeming others.”

Neville Goddard

Let’s dive in…

You would NEVER read a book – that had “the same story” on every page.
And you’d NEVER expect a book –  especially a best seller – to be like that.
And yet MOST PEOPLE – buy that book – and read it PASSIVELY – DAY AFTER DAY.
It’s time for YOU – to author the PAGE TURNER of YOU!
(Notice – how many ways – today’s lesson is different – already?)

Notes or Transcript:

So as I pondered this lesson…

…I came to some insights about myself that I found pretty darn fascinating. So I don’t think I’ve ever written a page turner.

I just don’t think any of my work is a page turning work. You know, you finish it, you got to get to the next page, you finish it, you got to get to the next page. I really like Tom Clancy. I really do.

Meet John Clark.

And one of my favourite Clancy characters, the most obvious one is John Clark and John Clark started as…

His name was John Kelly…

…and he’d returned from Vietnam and drove an old International, well it was probably a new International Scout, he got a girlfriend and some problems (showed up), and he took care of business, (like only  John Clark can) and that was a good book.

I forget which one that was called. I can see the cover, but I can’t remember the name.

But it was a page turner.

I couldn’t wait to get to the next page and keep going. I didn’t wanna skip, didn’t want to skim, but I couldn’t wait to the next page. And I notice, in a way, that’s the kind of life that I’ve developed.

(I didn’t want to SKIP (any pages) or SKIM them…)

I’m always, I’m enjoying the current page and I’m always looking forward to the next because I’ve got a lot of buns in the oven.

I am continuously exploring who I am, how this works, what new desires show up and how to assume them. I mean it’s all simple. I mean you move into the state of your wish fulfilled, but even that’s an adventure.

It’s not a struggle to me.

And I think it’s really important to notice these things. And so we did the YouTube show, which is part of this official lesson.

You’ll see the video there.

And I talked about, this is a way that people make this work and make it struggle and make it loopy. And we did three little videos and we called it… this is from the X files number two.

  • The first one was X marks the spot. And we explored the importance of vertical, which we’ve done a lot in this course.
  • The second one was about Lot’s wife, and how she looked longingly to the past. And to look longingly to the past….
  • Again, this is just one interpretation, when I look at different versions of the Bible. When you look to the past and you assume that’s what tomorrow’s going to be, even though you are “feeling it real”.

I want you to get what you’re really feeling real.

And so the little analogy, metaphor comparison that I used in the video was, if you’re looking at an open book and let’s consider your life to be an open book, and on the left is the page that you just read and on the right is the page that you’re going to read next.

Just like looking at a REAL book.

If the page on the left and the page on the right were pretty much identical, would you keep reading the book?

And when you turn the page, if the page on the left and the page on the right were still the same as the last two, would you continue to read the book?

And the answer is no.

You would continue to read a book if it was a page turner.

And for a book to become a page turner, you have to have spine. You see, in a book, there’s spine. Spine holds it all together.

To have a page turner, you really get to have…

Again, notice the four pillars, the four happy chemicals. When I read the Tom Clancy books, and I read them from the beginning to the end. Toward the end, he’s basically talking…

And I’m talking in the Jack Ryan series, for those who want a little more specificity. In the Jack Ryan series, it begins chronologically with John Clark and it ends with this thing called the campus.

And John Clark is an older fellow on the campus. And I’m not going to give you any details if you haven’t read it. To my opinion, they’re pretty good.

But the whole series is a page turner (DOPAMINE), and you fall in love with the characters (OXYTOCIN).

There was Domingo Chavez, Jack, yeah, both Jack Ryan’s. I mean, you fall in love with these guys.

You actually start to experience an understanding, a connection, the oxytocin, the serotonin that some of the characters have and some develop over time. In other words, their position in the world, their position in their world.

You get that dopamine of anticipation, what’s next. And of course the thrill.

He really writes a good thriller, which yet to a degree would basically simulate or excite that whole endorphin bit really well.

  • So that’s how you write a page turner.
  • It’s also how you live a page turner.

I’m getting ready to go to the pool in a little bit.

And you know what I’m sore from yesterday.

I love the feeling that I have from being an athletic sore. Very different than the feeling of old guys sore. or very different from the feeling of I sit too much in a chair and build an empire sore.

That athletic soreness is, it’s quite exquisite.

The endorphin that comes from exercise. It’s quite, you know, I like it.

And you know, I get to see my friends, my life guards, the people that work there, you know, there’s that oxytocin bit.

I do have a degree of status in the place as you could probably imagine. I stand out and I give a crap about everyone to the point where it’s no one.

I walk in the room, I make a request, they help me fast. I’m not a big shot, I don’t want to be. But I do have position there, and I also honour the position of those there.

There’s another thing about status.

Can you honour other people’s status without making you small?

Cause if you make you small, it’s not honouring them or you.

All right. So this whole page turner thing, how do you do that?

By the way, study some of this stuff. I love the Bourne movies.

I just turned on the third one last night, night before for a little bit in the tub, and while I’m doing my bubble bath and I’m enjoying watching right from the beginning of the third Jason Bourne movie that, you know, Jason is in mischief again.

And the way they introduce it, it’s not that you don’t have a clue what kind of mischief he’s in, what’s going on. They introduce it in a way that you’re in the middle of a story. You know, the story continues. It’s the third movie, but still you’re in the middle of a story.

It’s how they began the first one, by the way, as well.

You’re in the middle of a story and you can’t help but experience…

Here’s some old friends that they reintroduce you to. You’ve got that oxytocin. Just watch stuff like that. Notice how your happy chemicals get activated.

  • Don’t settle for “anti-cortisol”.
  • There’s another one, ready? You ever watch a movie that’s just boring?
  • Oh, I just want a life that’s not boring. That’s not really anti-cortisol, but it’s close.

But I want you to notice…

…are you trying to build a life that’s anti something?

Anti lonely, anti boring and anti…

Well, I want you to surf. I really want you to surf. I really want you to soar and I don’t want you to just settle down. Ahh, calm, skip calm. Go create.

Alrighty. So go, enjoy that video again.

Hopefully you’ve watched the X files two video that I put up with this. (Either way, do it again, it’s below.) 

Then listen to this. Now go watch it again and we’ll catch you in the group.

By the way, notice too, here’s one more, ready, bonus point. We’ve put out the show and the show’s a live show and, “Hey Joe, hey” somebody, and blah blah, blah. So on and so forth. Some people don’t like that.

And it’s fascinating to me because I’ve gotten emails from people that say, “Just get to the point. Just start the show. Get to the point that way I don’t have to waste any time.”

And it’s interesting to me because if I get these people to email me over time, I notice a couple of things.

  • One of them is they have no oxytocin going on. There’s no fellowship. They have no interest in it. Hmm.
  • Can’t find anyone.
  • Don’t, can’t imagine congratulatory conversations.
  • “Nobody would be happy to me or happy for me.”
  • “But you really need to shorten the shows and quit saying hi to people…”


And two, the other one is, this is the flip side.

I love when people find the show live and they go, “Hey, I’m here and I finally made it live. Woo hoo”

You get what that tells me? God. One, you know they want some oxytocin.

Two, we’ve got some status in their lives.

And if we’ve got status in their lives, we can invite them to have status in their lives.

Ponder that for a bit.

And by the way, how do I have status in their lives and Victoria have status in their lives? Because we have status in our own. Alrighty. Have a great day. And this is turn the page.

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