“That which appears so real is based on fiction anyway, and fiction is fact in the sense that it is all imagination! You can lift anyone out of the state into which he has fallen and place him in another, be it a state of want, illness, or failure. There are infinite states into which man may fall.”

“If you will but believe that imagining creates reality, and there is no fiction, you can rewrite your life and give yourself and those within it beauty for ashes, gladness for mourning, and praise for faint-hearted.”

“Believe in the reality of your unseen act, then watch it fulfill itself. If you have proof that imagining creates reality, it will not matter what others think. All that matters is that you try it and allow imagination to prove himself in performance.”

  Neville Goddard

The Chalkboard of Your Life

Notes or Transcript:

So I want you to look at the PHOTO.

You see it’s a bunch of wood and a chalkboard. See if that’s all the further you go, it’s the end of the story.

Now I want you to try on a couple things. Ready?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

If I showed you a photo of the garden or a photo of Victoria or me or the puppies, you’ll get more out of a photo than you will a thousand words I say.

I want you to become a storyteller.

I want you to learn how to evoke with words. This is going to be a fascinating little micro adventure within Dream Driven Day because what I notice is most people only report – with words.

“Okay, it’s aah ,wood and a chalkboard.”

(So what?) 

It’s game over at that point, but it’s not even game over. It’s, “game never happened”.

But on the other hand, can you tell a story?

Can you look at the photo and tell a story? Can you take any photo and tell a story?

Because I could tell you about a lovely little child that was here. I could also tell you about stored sunlight, Native American philosophy and what they say wood is, and I could intertwine those two and talk about how the lessons of stored sunlight remind me to be as a little child, because a little child will express something.

They’re bright, they’re sparkly, they’re bouncy, they’re light. Just like the stored sunlight within the wood.

Now what is cool is…

“Can you tell a story in a way that changes the story” that someone else has about themselves?

Can you tell a story in a way that changes the story that you have about yourself?

Because inside this “solidness” that I have my bones, my muscles, my history even…

There’s scar tissue in my body from things that have happened to it. There’s stored sunlight. Something waiting to be expressed. 

(See BONUS VIDEO below.)

You see what we are is the spark behind the eyes,,,

We are the ocean that gives life to the waves. You get that I’m telling a story. You get that I’m telling multiple stories and I’m inviting you to tell multiple unique stories that you discover on the fly because if there’s no discovery, it’s death – it’s defining – it’s GAME OVER before it’s begun.

Yep. Wheelbarrow, wood, chalkboard, done, dead, assertions all about the facts versus a declaration that brings forth.

You see, you get … if you rub two sticks together, I’ve made over 2,000 fires by rubbing two sticks together. The philosophy behind that …

I’ve shared that elsewhere where I’ve talked about the stored sunlight.

Given the right conditions, given the right shape, given the right attention, you can take two pieces of wood, rub them together and make fire.

To me that’s fascinating. To me that’s life changing because if you do that, well, I’ve had grown men cry doing that.

All right, so I’m just coming in right now to check the kransky’s.

Oh my God, I’ve got these … They’re sausages. I don’t know if they have them any place else in the world, but we call them kransky’s. Oh, can you hear that? Oh my God. Yum.

See, some people don’t like that I eat pig.

Some people don’t like that I eat meat. I find it fascinating that they’ve got stories that conceal from them the joy that I have and conceal from them the joy that they can have. Not by eating pig, but by not having to attack or defend …

See they attack me…

….and they defend the pig, and there’s no joy in them. But I just put a little photo of this up on Facebook of the kransky’s cooking.

For me part of the joy of food is the joy of food. The joy of sharing the meal with you, with people around the world, the meal, the preparation of the meal.

(Notice what’s REALLY going on here…) 

You see, I wonder some times when it comes to manifesting, if it isn’t much easier for me because I cook.

Because cooking, I take raw ingredients and I imagine something while I’m playing with these raw ingredients and I imagine that would be good too when I add that in. It’s the imagining leads the cook. The cook imagining leads all that stuff.

(Notice what’s really going on here…. (I’m telling stories… that are very useful…)) 

Meanwhile, maybe it’s because I’m a gardener because I’ve been a gardener all my life pretty much. I mean I’ve pulled weeds and planted seeds.

A different story….

Maybe that’s why I’m better at this because I can remember as a little boy with my grandma, my grandma teaching me if you don’t pull the weeds they will overcome the seeds that you planted. But if you mulch, you don’t even have to pull the weeds after awhile.

See and you can ponder stuff like that. Like how else does that fit elsewhere in life? What else?

“What two things can I rub together” and create a massive difference in the world?

God, this little app is so cool. It allows me to pause because I just had to let Victoria in the gate because she was out buying something.

So meanwhile say I’m …

Okay, I’m back on the iPad telling stories. You know so I combined my experience with old school neuro linguistic programming and Native American wisdom skills and Neville Goddard.

(Rubbing two sticks together…)

And I combined those three things and they rubbed together in a way that allowed me to experience and explore and expand me, and make a difference in the lives of thousands of people around the world. Some of you have even been here, which is so cool.

Now what’s really cool to me is you get …

I’m holding this iPad Pro and I could tell a story about it. A common story that I hear from a lot of my friends is…

“Technology it’s TAKING … it’s TEARING us apart. It’s DESTROYING society. It’s taking kids away from opportunity..”

Maybe. (Here’s another story….)

You see I’m using an iPad Pro here right now to change the lives of thousands of people. I find it pretty cool. I don’t use it as a distraction. I don’t …

You get it? 

(My stories – give me – my Dream Driven Day.  Their stories – distract them – from their day.)

I don’t distract myself with this thing all that much. I also don’t force my message out there. I mean, like if I had to print it, fold it, collate it, put it in envelopes, take it to the post office, it would be a lot of work. 

My story is different…

But I’ve got a story about this iPad. It’s not just an iPad Pro. For me, it’s a friend finder.

  • It helps me find my friends. For me it’s a money maker, and a mischief maker as well.
  • And it helps me make a difference in the world.

You see the little tiny stories that you tell … the little … By the way, somebody might listen to this and go, “I’ve got an iPad.” Oh my God, listen to these kransky’s.

Let’s end starvation…

So you know what the world is starving for? Here’s one more story for you. The world is starving for real. The world really is starving, and it’s starving for real.


My friend Jim says, “Twenty makes money sharing his lunch,” and my other buddy says, “How?” And I explain, “I just share my real life. I share my insights. I share my meals, I share everything that I can to show you that I’m a real human being and that I live a dream driven day.”

And this is how. So go take a look at that photo. Tell me a story. I’d love to hear it. Stick it up in the group. Wouldn’t that be fun? See ya.


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