Dream. Driven. Day.

When I first heard the name of it, I knew it would be right up my alley.

For me, the bonus video from lesson 7 blew me away. I felt like I received my money’s worth from that lesson alone!

DDD changed me and changed how I interacted with my days.

I learned how to let myself be the star of my day, instead of an extra in the background.

Such a wonderful experience!

Ashley – Dream Driven Day Graduate


"If you want to get what we've got,
you've gotta do what we do!"
Mr Twenty Twenty
Welcome to the Dream Driven Day Adventure!

Imagine the thrill of beginning your day, with your DDD lesson.

Feel the anticipation, knowing again – you are getting gold!

Later when you want, you can take a moment and join us in our Members Only Private FB group. It’s soo much FUN reading what other members of YOUR DDD program are up to. And you can comment or share anytime. And then you see TT just announced the next GROUP CALL. Because you get 4 LIVE group calls with us -where magic happens with loads of love and laughter!

Dream Driven Day is not hard, it doesn’t take much time and best of all…

DREAM DRIVEN DAY BEGINS – – Monday August 7, 2023

  • If you don’t own your day you don’t own your destiny.
  • Now, imagine falling asleep at the end of the DDD today, fully satisfied looking forward to TOMORROW.
If you are ready – to live your day – your way… Join us Today in Dream Driven Day! PS: Right now, you can go read OVER 3,000 posts from DDD members in our Law of Attraction by Neville Goddard group. (Over 200 NEW posts in the past MONTH!) What’s that tell you…. (It tells me this works and it’s FUN!)

And it tells me if it works for them, it can work for you! JOIN US IN THE FUN!


So much benefit. I'm happy I joined and will continue to share in the private group.  Now, to start MM from the beginning. I know it's going to be pure gold.
Gilbert - May 2022

(Notice how much Gilbert just LOVED the 3 LIVE calls!)

I got a ton of gold from DDD.

The calls were awesome.

The camraderie developed only after a few calls. I can only imagine how much more they will develop over time had we been in on this for 3 months.

The content was really cool. The 4 pillars was a real eye opener for me. I hadn’t heard of these before.

Really fun to play with and really fun in the group.

Let’s dive into your BIG BONUSES for signing up today!


FIRST you are getting as BONUSES today….

The AWESOME RECORDINGS of ORIGINAL group calls – that inspired Dream Driven Day.

They began with…

Call #1- “THE ATTITUDE OF ABDULLAH!” – Because if you don’t have THE ATTITUDE – you’re gonna make this a struggle.

Call #2 – “The FOUR Pillars of Power!” – These BRING YOU to life.  Most folks have ONLY ONE of these ACTIVE in their life.  That makes life the roller coaster from hell.  We want YOU to SOAR like an eagle!

Call #3 – “The Power of AhhMazing!”–  Because Ahh – feels good…. Because Ahhh releases you from bondage… Because Ahhhh lifts you higher and higher!

Call #4 –   “Your Ideal Day = Your Ideal LIFE!” – This ain’t a daydream – THIS is REAL LIFE and REAL WORLD RESULTS!

IN DreamDrivenDay…

For your FIRST BIG BONUS you are getting ALL those CALL RECORDINGS….

They will rock your world….

(We’ve NEVER released this bundle to the public, we NEVER will.  You’ll find out why inside.)

REMEMBER – these calls gave birth to DDD! (And NOW they are all yours tooo!)



Your three live group calls are going to be sooo much fun!!!

Each group call is unique, tailored to your DDD group, and they take the learnings to a whole new personal level.  

They start mid month, once we gain some momentum in the course, and are on Sunday’s in the USA.



(Your next BIG BONUS!)

YOUR MEMBERS ONLY facebook group – is limited to 30 members……

PLUS there are bonuses like we mentioned before, built into the DAILY LESSONS….

Just for YOU!


And THREE special people in the DREAM DRIVEN DAY FAMILY…

 …will be hand selected…

…to have a ONE ON ONE call with us….

(That’s worth $500 bucks by itself!)

And we’ll hand pick who….


How much is ALL THIS and THE 30 Day DDD PROGRAM?



  • The BOOK and the opportunity to be in THE BOOK

  • and the FACEBOOK GROUP for the 30 members 



(Read what he says about teaching this - and changing the world!) GOLD!

Hey TT and V!

It is amazing how quickly the last 30 or so days have gone. Learnings for a lifetime, a lifetime of learnings.

Deep shifts have happened and continue to happen, in my personal and business lives. I am very grateful for the new tools, and I am continuing to explore.

A teaching like DDD should be taught to the young. It would change the world and give it direction.

When we started, I did not know what to expect, and DDD has delivered beyond my expectations!

I am grateful to 20 20 and Victoria for offering excellent teachings, at an affordable price.

A lot, of BOOM, for the buck.

I have received so much, on many different levels, and I am knowing that it continues.

Tony MacMillan – May 2022

Hi TT and V!

I don’t have a word that goes with this day, so I am just going to leave that part blank.

I remember when Twenty posted the “That’s a Wrap” lesson and thinking that was the end. But it’s only been 24 days!! lol

No, today was the end(-ish). Yes, there were tears when I got to the end of the lesson.

The great thing about tears is that they can mean so many different things. These were tears of joy mixed with tears of relief. 

There were no tears of sadness or grief. I had tears of grief earlier in the course (during the first of two times I had to pause the lessons).

What I saw in this lesson is that Twenty got to Australia… and he didn’t get there in a day.

Yet on THIS day he has Australia, Victoria, two puppies, two BMWs he didn’t pay full price for, a dog park, the pool open, his water bill paid, a fire, a veranda, an inside/outside couch, the yummiest lunches ever, Jimmy/Bobby’s feet touching the ground, arches in his own feet, a successful business, and a community of truly amazing people.

Happy, loving… thank you!

Juliette Anne from Dream Driven Day

Brian signed up AGAIN because he....

 I joined Dream Driven Day the first time in part because I thought I NEEDED it. Also because my wife was joining, and I thought doing it with her would be really fun.

I was right about the second half of that. I signed up for Dream Driven Day for a second time without my wife—but not, by far, on my own, thanks to the beautiful family of other DDDers—at a time when I was already having dream driven days, more of them than the dread driven days that used to be my norm.

So why take it again if I didn’t “need” it?

Simply because it was fun. Simply because I knew I would make amazing friends from it, a whole new family. Simply because I’m going to have dreams today and dreams tomorrow, and what will those dreams be?

There’s always another dream, so why not amp them up even more?!

Brian Urias – 2nd time in Dream Driven Day

Tanya is a DDD Founding Member and the first time she did DDD...

First of all, thank you Twenty Twenty from the bottom, top sides and everywhere in between of my heart for this course. And also to all of my Dream Driven Day mates who make it a blast to DIVE, DIVE, DIVE deeper into this curiosity called life.

I must say seeing TT post the last day felt like a rock in my gut. Even though I knew it was coming. Get to polish that rock up and see what shines through. Just for fun.
So many synchronicities have shown up which I now recognize as me saying hello to me. That power to be, do and have anything peeking out.

I am already musing starting the course over to hear what I didn’t see the first time. Perhaps you will play here with me for a season…and we can throw around balls, sticks and a mouse or two!!!

So much LOVE here for us and to share with others.

Tanya in Dream Driven Day

Rockstar Tony Doyle had this to say...
He's a founding member too!

Woke-up this morning moved to write an unsolicited endorsement of an amazing course by Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria-

And I may be preaching to the choir here, but I have a feeling there may be a few members in this group ready for a real shift.

If that’s you, I’d love to invite you into the family!!!

For me, this course was THE shift that I needed to take Neville’s teachings and make it very personal. I became a “doer of the word, and not a hearer only.”

I learned how to take these broad concepts and apply them to my exact daily desires… So fun!
This is where I was finally able to double my income AND work half the time.

This is where I learned to use my Eagle vision, AND still chunk-down to daily precision.
This is where I shifted to feeling the art of balance… Making waves, riding waves AND floating.

This is where I really learned, on a practical level, that my “little” desires are important, valid, and are in fact a gentle prompting from the God in me.

This is where I learned that every single day can be, and should be, an adventure of a lifetime… An adventure that I get to direct!

So… do I recommend DDD for those new to Neville?


In fact, I’d recommend it for everyone on the damn planet!


It really IS about your day!

Learning to live each day using the teachings of Neville, Twenty and Victoria’s amazing guidance with a group of incredible people will change you.

And changing you is the key.

It’s what we want. DDD will give to you in a whole new way.

Every day is a dream driven day!

I just follow my desires, whether it’s a cup of tea, or jumping on a cruise with my love!

Thank you so much Twenty for making the Dream Driven Day course, it really changed my life!!

– Anja the Crystal Goddess and Manifesting Queen

Quentin Priest shared with us…

I put off getting into DDD. 

Mainly due to not having a clear reason to live. I couldn’t think of a compelling “goal.”

Yeah, I was a husband & father. I was working at doing my best. And I was getting along, had a job and all that.
Not willing to let another class go by; though, I took the plunge…

DDD opened the doors of my perception! I began to feel like my wife and kids WERE more than enough to live for. 

And, I found my passion for writing, again.

Now, I have seventeen self-published books on Amazon. 

And my family has been through the ringer. Yet, we’re stronger and closer than ever.

Don’t wait. Even if you’re not sure. Or you have no reason – in your mind – to own your day. If you open yourself up to the experience, the experience will open your life.’


For me personally Dream Driven Day helped me move out of a distraction based day and into an everyday dance with my imagination.

If someone wants to learn Neville and how to apply it in their own life I highly recommend it.

Scott Syzzle Symons STOPPED living in DREAD!
(He's one of our most loved Mod Squad Members too!)

If I never chose to purchase Dream Driven Day. I would still be living in dread and not knowing it.

I would be fighting and pushing every day. Waiting for a chance to have a some day win. I would be sacrificing all my days. For a much much later never.

At the rate I was going. Now I have dropped the misery and dread.

For a delightful me that I lead my days now. Where I literally get to choose me and my day. And it works every time.

Scott Symons – Dream Driven Day

Jess Lynn joined us 3 times so far...
(And she wanted to share this with you!!)

This course has been an everlasting life changing experience for me on this 30 day journey which doesn’t end after the 30 days..

This course has led me to dramatically experiencing very different moments in my day to day life.

I was once the woman who dreaded her days.. dreaded getting out of bed playing the victim.

I was driving through this journey of life wondering when the next fender bender or fatality would happen.

Not anymore…

I shift so quickly because I have a greater awareness and knowing of what I am creating day by day, thanks to Dream Driven Day..

Life has become much more of an adventure since taking ahold of the wheel, while not being knocked by the occasional traffic or speed bump!

I have gained so much gold to play with that will last me a lifetime. I played with a solid group of people who are likely my playmates for life!

It’s a beautiful fellowship!
I have done the course 3x and it gets better and better each time through!

Each time I have gotten something different to dive deeper and stretch further with!

What are you waiting for?


And Koroll NOW has this to say about Mr Twenty Twenty personally...

For those of you who don’t know Twenty Twenty outside of the lives and the comments on here…
He is a whole other form of teacher with loads of knowledge and the programs are arranged in such a way it easily assimilates into you.
Twenty’s understanding and implantation is like NO other teacher out there.
His methods work FAST 💨 are simple, super effective and Fun.
I have made heaps of money and my health is the best it’s been since having had Covid and long haulers…
  • I would go as far to say I’am healed fully!!!
  • I have more money they ever before in my life.
  • I am rich in my relationships as well!
My cups runneth OVER and so will yours with every program comes it’s own bread basket of MORE.
More income, more health, more wealth and more openness to more of more of all the GOOD stuff this life is always offering.
Koroll – Five Time DDD Member

I lived trying to find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in my LIFE. 

It was all about my LIFE. DDD I discovered it is about the richness of my days.

I stopped working in ways that had me dread my day. Truly – I was barely surviving.

I discovered the artist I am and work for myself in delightful ways that continue to unfold daily.

Stop putting things off – it’s time to unlock the real you – truly – we get this adventure – time to soar like the Eagle

Lisa Ann LaRock’s DDD Testimonial:
I’ve shared portions of my 2nd DREAM DRIVEN DAY here…
So I will share the last lesson as well…
Twenty Twenty is a gift…
I imagine you will experience💖💖💖
*Day 30
Absolute Faith
“Your faith in God is measured by your confidence in you.”
As we were closing out our last group call…
I felt a bit of sadness and panic…
What takes place here in 30 days is magical and very real…
We are held and nurtured…
It’s like leaving home…
Listening to the lesson last evening found me “flat”…
Upon waking I had shifted…
I was relating faith in God to the only way I understood it…
To not have faith in God is a serious thing think religion…
Also confidence is ephemeral for me…
Sometimes I am and then not…
It’s an aldultish word…
Not very playful!…
That’s when it came to me…
And I am naturally quite curious😊
Curiosity doesn’t seem to wait…
It engages quickly…
As an artist…
Inspiration is to be acted upon…
Light doesn’t wait for me…
CURIOSITY EXPECTS it doesn’t hope…
Curiosity feels good…
I started playing from the end…
I used to go through my Jo Go’s from morning ending at bed time…
I’m reversing that…
And have moved from not only imagining…
Let’s say- my yum…
To being really curious about how that yum well meet me…
I’ve also taken this to the end of my life…
Being curious about how this HUMAN DIVINE…
I am has lived…
This is how I have made confidence in God mine…
As always…

Tabitha’s DDD Testimonial:

Truly this DDD program has been a blessing and a beautiful investment which can only give returns in folds beyond currency.
To no longer care for the battle 🥰
As Koroll Haley stated the fox hole “has been filled” 🥰
No one to change but self 🥰
Imagine lovingly is the only way to be
DDD has is and will always be phenomenal 💗
Tabitha – August 31, 2022

Taking DDD changed my mindset that I was looking for how to create my dream life to discovering, after daily exploring deeper, to knowing I was creating by deciding what that would be and taking daily action towards my vision.

Keeping in the state of not only being the dreamer, but the executor! It’s like high level coaching and awareness in the group calls that are intimate and supportive!

You need to speak creation into being and this process helped me with entering into that state!