“If I am still in the machine, I think the good things come only by accident or chance. Let the wheel turn, for each must go through all the furnaces until he awakens and sees the whole universe as infinite response. The day will come when every person, at a certain degree of awakening, will freeze an activity within himself, and as it comes to a stop within him, that whole section is DEAD.”

“The laws of nature are only free action, repeated until they become accepted as a law. Yet you will see leaves in mid-air not falling, and people moving in space will cease to move but will not fall, for as you stopped the action within yourself the whole thing stopped.”

“And you will see the whole thing as Zion – the desert – and the only thing that makes it alive is the stone buried in it. But man becomes lost in the things he has made and gives to them the power.”

  Neville Goddard

Let’s dive in…

Most people – settle for the Musak…

I want YOU to be the Disk Jockey  – who never chokes – who has interesting guests – who picks and plays THE MUSIC.

I want you – to notice – the actor isn’t the role they play…  and YOU are THE DIRECTOR in a whole new way.

Notes or Transcript:

So I got kicked off of the radio.

It was WLSW. One of the bigger radio stations in the back woods of Pennsylvania.

They even had a sister station, I forget what it was called. But every Thursday I used to go up and talk about this kind of stuff. The morning DJ I went to school with, and she really liked what I was doing. So she said, “why don’t you come up and talk about this stuff?” And so we did. It was a lot of fun, and they kicked me off.

Now they kicked me off, not because of what I was saying about this stuff, people liked that.

They also liked the reason that they kicked me off, which was the radio was going to a Muzak formula…

…literally being one of another 1,000 radios across the country that was putting up the same exact stuff, the same exact music. So WLSW was getting rid of the live DJs and going to just syndicated content music kind of stuff. And we were on the air, and I guess for some reason the subject came up, and I just said, look, that’s stupid.

I know it financially it makes sense, I mean stop paying the people $7 an hour for sitting there on the microphone and instead go syndicated.

So you only need one person in the station.

And they kicked me off, (because I said – on the air – that was stupid) and that was it. So here’s the deal guys. Before, now here’s the thing, I remember the first time I went on the air, and Justine had me sit down, there was a microphone in front of my face, there was one in front of hers, and she basically did the …

There was music playing and it was coming to an end…

…and so she holds up her hand and she basically just goes, “we’re live in three, two, one, and…” bang. And then she starts yakking and brings me on. Right? And that was good fun.

And I noticed she may have been expecting me to choke, and I didn’t.

I’m really good with a microphone, and I’m used to broadcasting. I mean, I was a policeman where you broadcast to your other policemen and dispatch. I was an amateur radio operator where you talk to total strangers around the world. That was good fun.

And at the time I’d made products…

…but we didn’t have anything, like podcasts didn’t exist back then.

I think I had an online radio thing with Blog Talk Radio. That was good fun, but it was different than broadcasting through that big antenna all over Westmorland, Allegheny, and Fayette County and more. So here’s the thing.

You’re live in three, two, one, go.

You cannot … Don’t wait. The short version of this is, do not wait, move.

If we could summarize how this is really different than what a lot of people behave as if it is …

  • See this isn’t about attraction.
  • You’re not attracting things into your life.

And I only use that term on some of my stuff because that’s what the people are typing in. I want them to find the truth.

And here’s the truth as far as I can tell, you are live.

  • You’re what gives life. Neville says, “a state as dead until you give it life.”
  • You’re not attracting somebody or some opportunity into your life.
  • You’re giving something already constructed life.

In other words, a great relationship, great business, financial freedom, and I hate using all these terms because they’re nothing more than concepts on bumper stickers in a way.

But when you notice a desire, let’s assume a desire, an actual hunger as a state, give it life.

And here’s the thing, you will deny the miracle you are if you do any discounting.

Discounting defined as I imagined drinking a cup of coffee and then I went and made it. That showed up in the group, that’s fine. But we’ve got to nail this stuff because sometimes that’s how it happens.

  • Sometimes somebody brings you a cup of coffee. It’s a fascinating world to me.
  • But I don’t discount, I don’t elevate one over the other.

Who makes or who brings the coffee. Don’t do that. Because to do that, you’ve got to discount yourself. So let’s do a flip side on this. Right up over the hill from us is a little village called Montmorency. And I used to go shopping there a lot.

And one day I go park in the parking lot…

…and I’m walking through the parking lot toward the post office, and off to my left is a police station.

I swear to God it wasn’t a police station when I was there yesterday. And it’s like, that’s weird. I never noticed this being a police station. You think I’d notice it because I was a police man.

  • I know what policemen look like, they tend to dress very in a particular way all around the world.
  • I mean, you can spot a cop easy. Right? So there’s a police station there, and I’m wondering, how did I miss that? And that’s when I heard, cut. They were filming something there.

They were filming a TV show.

They were filming an episode for a TV show and they needed a police station. (So they turned an ACCOUNTING FIRM, into a police station…)

And so, cut. And then I see, okay that’s why there’s a crowd there. okay. I mean, I thought maybe they were opening a police station, or somebody got mugged at the police station. No, the crowd was around blocking, I couldn’t see the director.

(No one – notices THE DIRECTOR – until the NOTICE they are – THE DIRECTOR)

I couldn’t see the cameras, and the actors while they were dressed like policemen and bad guys.

But the director said cut. And as soon as the DIRECTOR said cut, everything changed. The scene was over.

And so, when I look at this stuff on the flip side, cut.

When are you going to cut it?

You don’t have to cut it out of your life in a way that has you cutting AKA cords, and all sorts of ceremony, and struggle, and pain, and cut. It’s over. The actors forget that the actors no longer have to be who they are in acting. They can become themselves again for a few moments, or a few hours, or forever. That might be the last scene. You see here’s the thing.

You’ve got to live in three, two, one, go.

  • You’ve got to do that.
  • You’ve got to give life to the dead desire.

Otherwise you have dead air. Number one rule of radio, no dead air. Number two rule of radio, no using the prohibited words. On the other side of the coin, cut. If you don’t want a scene repeating in your life, stop it.

If you actually stop it, you’re going to realize, wow, you don’t have to play that part anymore.

Nobody has to play those parts anymore. That’s a wrap. Move on. Move into that state of your wish fulfilled. That’s how you give a state life. Here’s the thing, gang.

  • Do not make this about someday.
  • Let it be about today, because if you don’t let it be about today, it’s never, never land.
  • Don’t wait for a moment.

Notice these tiny little “metaphors of life” are really real. We really are alive in three, two, one. Now. What will you do with this lesson? Imagine having nailed it. Alrighty.

Just for fun, go back and check out some of those earlier things where we talked about vertical and so on.

That’s going to show up again. But it’s really important that you don’t just fuzzy out. It’s really, really important that you make it a wrap. See ya.

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