“There is no one that is not all that is, for consciousness, though expressed in an infinite series of levels, is not divisional. There is no real separation or gap in consciousness. I AM cannot be divided.”

“I may conceive myself to be a rich man, a poor man, a beggar man or a thief, but the center of my being remains the same, regardless of the concept I hold of myself. At the center of manifestation, there is only one I AM manifesting in legions of forms or concepts of itself and ‘I am that I am’.”

Neville Goddard

Let’s dive in…

Letting go of seeming separation…

Notes or Transcript:

At the centre of it all…

…there is only one I am imagining it all. I’ll put a link up to that exact quote. It’s really cool, but I want you to get, “At the centre of it all, there’s only one I am imagining.”

The other bit, the spiral principle.

We didn’t come here to end the wars, to eliminate the famines, to eliminate the struggles and the hardships in the world. We came here to know imagination, to step off of the circle and enter into the spiral. I’ll put a little note up to that one too.

The Seven Seas?

But I want you to get how cool this is because we talk about being the ocean, not the wave. Now, you know what? I learned there were seven oceans growing up, but when I look at the globe, to me it looks like there’s only one and we’ve drawn some lines in there.

What if…

What if there really was only one ocean that we call seven oceans? Say yeah, they’re individual oceans. All right, let’s run with that. We’re individuals. We don’t lose our individualness as we discover the oneness that we truly are.

But I want you to get something cool. When I look at phrases that when people run with them from the head, it’s all me, or it’s all you pushed out, or something like that. I want more practical experiences with that.

Here’s what I notice….

At a very small chunk size, you can just be a parrot. At a very big chunk size, it’s vague. Yeah it’s all me, oh got it. Or yeah, it’s all me, that’s what Neville says. Okay, small chunk size right there, big chunk size with the other way.

But what about the middle?

Here’s one of the things that I’ve noticed and had a lot of fun with over the years. I’m a teacher. It’s not that I teach people who want to learn, I do, but I’m an explorer and an inviter.

The best teachers…

…that I’ve known are the ones who continue to explore what they teach and continue to teach what they explore, and invite other people to do the same. In a “classroom setting,” or in a group setting, what shows up is often quite remarkable. This is where I invite you to play. There’s only one ocean. It gets broken into seven parts. Multitudes of waves and stuff being pushed around by the waves.

Imagining lovingly for “them”….

But I want you to notice there’s opportunities here to explore you and the other people in the course. As you imagine lovingly for them and you notice what they’re going through and noticing and sharing, notice that’s also you.

Every one of you reveals something about me and what I’ve got going on, every single one.

And that’s what’s cool because when I accept anything that you guys bring to the table, anything that you vocalize is something in me that gets vocalized, finally, and explored, deliciously.

“War Games!”

What a great area to play because I don’t sit around and imagine no more war in the world. I discover when there’s a war within me. Where is it that I feel a war and what happens when I drop that?

What happens when I noticed somebody else in our group has a war going on, a defense or an attack, or this isn’t it, or I already know this? Why is that showing up?

What’s it revealing in me?

Because you see, I’ve never been in a physical war zone. The closest I came to being at war was being a cop and being a prison guard and being taken hostage there. Literally being a weekend POW in a little mini war. Pretty interesting. Most people don’t get to experience that. I did. But we all experience wars in different ways. This isn’t it. This yo, I am not getting it right, I need you to do it this way.

Anytime we feel that we must make a demand, anytime any of us feels that we must make a demand…

Or versus right I’ve got a hunger here, how do I move into its fulfillment now, how do I share that with those in the group, how do you let this be about you now. So I’ll tell you one of the fun things I’m having here is I’m exploring having teaching stories come from my day versus from my history.

You see it’s one thing to be able to share a teaching story…

…or an incident that happened years or months ago, or last April or May or October, it’s another thing to share what do I got going on now.


Philosophy drives technology, for example. Technology includes my body. Technology to me is a how. Technology to me is a what. An iPad, what’s it used for, how am I using it, what is it, essentially. A what and a how to me is the technology.

Adventure anyone?

My philosophy is being revealed constantly in how I’m using my body, for example. I noticed today, Victoria and I went to the hot springs yesterday. It was adventure Monday.

Adventure Monday is something that we’ve designed to eliminate “creep in our life.”

In other words, we have one day where we pretty much check out and go do something as a couple. We’ve noticed … So that eliminates business creep because I barely check in while we’re gone, barely.


Here’s the key guys, Adventure Monday gets to positively creep or positively sprawl into the rest of our lives, which it has. The way sprawl tends to work, and I love revisiting this, is when okay, I’ve got check something, okay I’ve got to check it again, well I’ll check and make sure this worked out, I’ll check and see if they got the email.


I could let the whole Adventure Monday become sprawled upon by business. On the other hand, I could let Adventure Monday sprawl upon the rest of our lives. In other words…

  • What little 20 minute break can we take?
  • What little hour break could we take?
  • How can we take another morning and have an adventure morning or an adventure evening?

See, it’s not like we work a lot, but we’re available a lot. I love being available because I love what I do, but I also get to notice where can I draw the lines. Where can I create seven seas where there was one life? See one life, this massive life, it’s okay. Cool. Nice.

How can I imagine up a life today that lovingly, enjoyably, creates really cool waves throughout the rest of MY LIFE.

Let these lessons sprawl….

Alrighty. Listen to this one again, a couple times. You’ll notice I say that often because often it’s the little tiny bits that while you’re processing one bit that you miss. We notice time and time again when people redo Manifesting Mastery, they tell us it’s a different course when they’re doing it again. Oftentimes we have people that make it, it’s not often but once in a while …

Love those birds.

Once in a while we have people that make it two, three weeks in and they’re like I’m not getting it. I say, cool, start over. Start over and send us an update every week this time. Start over and take it as play, not as problem solving this time.

Alrighty. That’s good for now. Go enjoy the videos. Join us in the Facebook group. I’m loving your play. See ya.

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