“No matter what it is, start with a job or a house that seems beyond your reach, and then live in the feeling that you have it. In the degree that you are faithful to these images you are preparing the way for the coming of the Child.”

“I place my image in a garden (Eden), and then out of it comes a river and it parts into four sections. It is not actually water. If I wanted to realize my dream, what must I do to make it real so I can share it with this, my shadow world called man? I must know the taste and touch and sight and sound of what it would be if it were true. If I could see what I would see if my dream were true, and remain faithful to that imagery, I would make it real in the world of shadows.”

“The only risk is that after it becomes real, man is likely to lose himself in the thing he created in the world of effects and deny his faithfulness to the image that produced it. So then he goes sound asleep once more. So many people do that. It is nice to meet, now and then, someone who has not forgotten.”

  Neville Goddard

Let’s dive in…

Risk x Rejection = Freedom


Notes or Transcript:

All righty, today what I want you to do is risk rejection. 

I really do, I want you to do something. I want you to do a lot of things, where there is the REAL possibility that you will be rejected. Please don’t go in your head and just try to figure this out, all day, or take one opportunity. Just do it. 

I want you to actually go out and risk rejection.

I have in the notes, how could you actually do that in the next seven minutes. My question is, how can you do it now? That’s an even better question.

“How could you do this right now?”

And how could you do it again? Because here’s the thing, you’re going to want to reject doing the exercise. REMEMBER…

“We’re designed to reject what’s different.”

Growing up, the kids in the neighborhood picked on the retarded girl. Can you believe that? I can say I didn’t, because I grew up next to her. But man, they picked on the retarded girl.

(Why?)  Because she was different.

You see, we’re exploring again, and again in the course, different is better than better. And I want you to start accepting different, and difference.

“Different is better than better!”

And I want you to start noticing more and more different. But what you need to do right now, is start rejecting, or is it getting rejected?

You see the two walk hand in hand because what’s going to happen if you want to risk rejection, you’re going to have to embrace endorphine.

Endorphin is one of the four pillars.

You’ve got the bonus recording if you haven’t listened to that, listen to that. But we’re going to dive into these four in some really cool ways over the next 30 days.

(This gets a little loopy when reading.  Just listen – close – and go play.)

You need to do something -THAT REVEALS you are alive –  every day. You get to do a lot of little somethings every day, to reject, to reject.

You have to risk being rejected, by rejecting. I got to tell you…

See I don’t work a set schedule. I rejected that….

I ;pretty much don’t trade TIME FOR DOLLARS, and I “work” three (scheduled) hours a week usually. We do the show at specific times on specific days. I go to the dog park on very specific times, and tend to swim on very specific times.

But I can tell you, years ago when I attempted to live this kind of life, (ROUTINES WITHOUT RUTS) and I didn’t have things in place that enabled me to reject, everybody wanted to sprawl on me. 


LEARN TO SAY NO – and you will have HEAPS more NOW!

And I want you to get this, your day, you are going to reject your dream driven day, by not RISKING REJECTION…

… BY REJECTING what doesn’t fit into YOUR chosen day…..

We did a little exercise back in May of 2019,…

….When the Live Training was going on. And I suggested to explore endorphin, by doing what I believe Tim Ferriss calls, comfort challenges.

One of the challenges was “lay down in public for a minute”.

Just lay down, on the floor, get back up, go about your business. If somebody says anything to you, just say, whatever, “I’m just laying down for a second”, then rock on.

You could go that extreme…

…or you could make that a minor way to do this. But I want you to honest to god, find ways for you to risk rejection.

Real life story….

There were three people walking at the dog park today. It was cold, it was -3 celsius here, that’s cold in Australia. That’s like in the 20s in fahrenheitville. And I waved high, three people going past all huddled up. Two are just staring straight ahead, and one of them actually looked over.

So I hollered….

“Hi.” –  I risked rejection.

And by the way, I want you to notice something. Because your brain will go, that’s not a big deal. I want you to play where you don’t think it’s a big deal. I want you to play, where you think it’s a big deal.

Play with rejection – everywhere!

I want you play everywhere, because very simply, your rejecting play. I play all day long.


The three people, I’m walking to the car, right? I don’t have to say hi, they’re on the trail I’m on the road. There’s 15-20 feet between us. Game on. I’m going to risk rejection.

You see, growing up, I was the shy kid.

So many of you guys know about this. I made the little, I had my notebook, I would say hi to three people per day, and I would do it with the shop keeps.

I’d go in and stare…

…at something till the shop keep came over, I’d say, “Do you know where the Snickers bars are?” And they’d say, “They’re right in front of you.” And I’d say, “Cool, thanks.”

I’d get out my notebook…

….tick it off, and go to the next store. I was the little weird kid with the notebook. But it was my way of risking rejection.

And as you can tell now…

…by the way, it would appear that there’s none of that in there, and there is, and there isn’t. You see, a lot of people were escalate avoidant, there’s a new word.


You see, your life is either going to be stagnant, or it’s going to escalate. One out of the two, stagnant, still pond, right? Raft, in the middle, calm, right? That’s called stagnant in my book.


Because this is what I notice, water needs to move. What you need to do is move. And you get to either move into a chosen state, into a chosen day, or you get to move within your chosen state, your chosen day.

By the way, how do you do it?

You get to explore different.

We’re going to explore four ways in the course about expanding your territory. More on that tomorrow. But I want you to start thinking in terms of territory.


Because, territory is, how many different ways can you be alive?

A grave is simply avoiding stimulus.

Avoiding stimulus is I just want things to be calm. I want everything to be perfect, I want the big win. And I’m telling you, you’re here to make waves.

You are the stillness that all apparent motion happens within.

Why not make some waves and discover that TODAY?

Discover you are the silence. So you can notice what you are giving life to, through the silence that you are.

Discover that you’re the ocean, and you can give life to any wave.

You can surf at any time. And here’s the key today guys, rejection.

How can you risk rejection?

By the way, here’s one way to play. I noticed this, this is so much fun.

I go up to the deli…

…and I’ll ask for, “can I have a piece of that cheese”. And they’ll give it to me, and I’ll say, “Thank you.”

It’s a weird experience for most people. Because normally that’s when the FLUFF AND FILLER show up.

  • “That was pretty good. Let me try another.”  “
  • I’ll tell you what, just give me 100 grams of that.”

(SKIP ALL THAT. – Notice what shows up.)

It’s almost like you enter into a contract. If you want to play with risking rejection, do some things that are not socially convenient.  (Just ask for a sample, and say THANK YOU.) Because social is another way to hide.

In other words, (here’s how people hide – avoid rejection – stop living dream driven days.)

“I’m going to do what everyone else is doing. I’m going to go to university, go 150, 250, 350, half a million dollars in debt.”

“I’m going to get that 40 hour a week job.”

Well, that’s what everyone else is doing, right?

“I’m going to be in a dysfunctional marriage, instead of risking some waves.”

I read the stats on marriages, oh my god.

Having been married before, and having being married now. What if you brought some risk into your marriage, into your relationship with your kids?

What if you brought the opportunity for rejection into there?

Because you’re going to find that…

  • An idea that you have can be rejected.
  • A behavior that you have can be rejected.
  • A belief that you have can be rejected.

And guess what? You’re going to find that your ideas, your beliefs and your behaviors as you risk rejecting them, as you risk other people rejecting them, you get to discover the ones that you get to reject.

At some point, I rejected getting another job. At some point, I rejected sugar coating my message.

At some point, I rejected keeping it fluffy. At some point, but the only way I could do all of that, was to honest to god, start risking rejection.

When I come out and I tell my friends…

…and my family, what you are is God having the adventure of a lifetime, from what I can tell. Your awareness of being is God, how you are aware of being, determines everything. And the first little bit was Neville. Awareness of being is God. How are you aware of being, determines everything.

God having the adventure of a lifetime, that’s mine too. But I like these. I can stand by these, I can explore these, I can share these. And people can reject them.


When you are rejection adverse, you’re avoiding endorphin.

But when you take the time to really open up, when you take the time to really explore you.

By the way, cross the road without having the crosswalk thing say walk, or don’t walk.

I remember back in Connellsville, yeah a town that I lived in for close to 20 years, I remember when they installed the walk/don’t walk lights. It wasn’t a busy town. But something happened…

People became lame…

Well at first they’d walk whenever they wanted to. After about three months, I noticed people stopped walking whenever they wanted to.

I mean there’d be no cars for minutes, and they’d stand there waiting for the walk sign, right?

Not dangerous at all. But they became risk adverse, not of cars, but of like leaving the pack. The pack would wait for the walk sign.

Make Good Decisions….

Decisions that keep you alive…  decisions that REVEAL you are what GIVES LIFE.

You see, I think it’s a good idea to be risk-averse of being run over by a car.

That’s a good decision.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait for the walk sign when there’s no chance of traffic for minutes, while you stand there with the herd.


Or even if there’s no herd there, if you’re worried that the old lady that lives up in the windows is going to see you cross. You’re bad, bad.

Financial Freedom…

You see bad, bad people, don’t have jobs. Bad, bad people, I’m sorry good people have jobs. Bad, bad people don’t. Good people they earn their money, bad, bad people take other people’s hard earned money.

You see I got to reject all that stuff to become an effective business guy.

To make a difference in people’s lives. So here’s my question guys, how can you play with the power of rejection today?

I want you to risk being rejected. You could do some comfort challenges, I’m sure some people  HERE will reject, or object to that.

(Don’t.  GO PLAY!)

But how can you play with rejection today?

Go to the Facebook group, find if there’s any posts on this, put up a post on this.

Have some fun, by the way, don’t play with where you’re totally comfortable. Play with what will stretch you. All righty, see you.”

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