“If I could get you to be completely in love with some state to the point where it haunted the mind, I could almost prophesy that you would in the not distant future externalize that state within your world. And the reason we fail is we aren’t hungry enough to change.”

“For either we do not know the law or we haven’t the urge or the hunger to really bring about the change. For the changing of the feeling of “I” results in the change of reaction, which change of reaction results in a change of world.” ~Neville Goddard

Maybe you noticed…

We set the stage for BETTER SLEEP and RESTING always in the state of your wish – fulfilled.

You need this – to START UP your DreamDrivenDay.

Today we eliminate THE TWO ADDICTIONS that run and ruin most people’s day….

Let’s dive in…

Notes or Transcript:

All righty, so here’s what I notice. So in day one and in day TWO we got you getting up a little different. Did you get that?

So here’s what I notice during the day, people are addicted to their upsets, and they’re addicted to the stories they keep living and telling themselves, and maybe even other people about their upsets.

That’s two addictions gang.

I’m not a fan of addiction, and I notice addiction is so hyper prevalent in our society, because it is a radically different thing to go, “She makes me feel good,” or, “I enjoy being with her, and with her, and with her, and with her.”

In other words, if you’ve got one pay check, you’re a slave to the company, you’re a slave to the man. You’ve got to listen to their rules, right? On the other hand…

Slavery vs Freedom

Or even if you have two. I mean, heck, if you’re a slave to your upsets, and you’re a slave to the stories about your upsets, it’s like they’re your mommy and they’re your daddy, and they’re in charge of you, and you feel smaller than they do, and you’re not. You see, you’ve got to get you’re bigger than your day.

When you get that you’re bigger than your day, everything changes. 

Meanwhile, most people are trying to survive it.

Remember that little thing, the little raft in the pond?

Victoria and I had a great talk about this, because what she gets is, it’s like they’re on that little raft in the middle of the pond, and it’s like there’s a little whirlpool that keeps the raft spinning, and kept sucking it back into the middle of the pond.

And I’m not a fan of that as a lifestyle, because you feel smaller than the raft, smaller than the pond, smaller than. You see, smaller than could be the theme of today, day two, because you’re not smaller than, you’re bigger than.

And you see, you get to discover this. We’re going to be playing with chunk size, maybe tomorrow.

Another reason why my dreams – drip into my days….

But here’s the thing, I live a life designed on 30, 60 and 90 day experiments. Everything I do is a 30, 60 or 90 day experiment at first.

Ponder and play with this….

In other words, I don’t make lifelong commitments generally to things, like most people, “Oh, I don’t know what I want in my life.” You get that’s a long horizontal gaze out in the middle of this, “Oh, what do I want,” versus, today. You get it?

Vertical vs Horizontal.

(Now, vs Someday over the horiizon…..)

Today has a solid vertical feel to this, and we’ll be exploring that in the course. But before I point it out again, and again, and again, I want you to just start noticing, there’s a feeling of solid verticalness, like a nail, bang, going into a piece of wood like a hammer hitting the nail. You get it? Compared to like gazing far, far away.

All right. So here’s where I want you to dive in today guys. And this is so freaking cool, because you get to give up your addictions. You honestly do.

You get to give up being an addict…

You get to end up being an addict in recovery, because that’s what… If you’re an addict, you’re addicted to your upsets, like, “Here I am, upset again,” right?

It’s just a spike. You’re addicted to the spikes, this is why we’re going to explore positive spikes in the course in a way that you’ve probably never pondered before.

Another thing is, you’re addicted to the stories around the spikes.

In other words, you get it? Here’s the upset, and whether or not you tell other people about it…

Here’s Mom….

You see, some people, it seems like my mom and Victoria’s mom, like to tell other people about these things. I don’t, I’m more of an isolationist. If I have an upset, I just hold it within, take it deep inside, right? And at some point I revise it. And the faster I do that, the faster I get on with my day.

But you’re not going to really revise, you’re going to relive until you get rid of the double addictions.


And this double addiction again, you’re addicted to the upset, you’re addicted to the stories about the upset, and what they mean.

I mean, it’s not just an upset, it’s why that upset happened again, and again, and it’s how people are, and it’s the way things… I mean, I’m older now. You get it?

That’s a story about an upset, okay? The upset is, you know what something that I wanted to get stiff didn’t get stiff, something that I want have move is too stiff. In other words we can talk about body parts.

And you know what, yep I am older now, so I just have to deal with some things not getting stiff that I want stiff, and some things being stiff that I want to move, right? And I could be upset about all that.

“I’m okay…. things are alright…”

And by the way, the worst kind of upset, is the subtle upset, “Well, I’m okay with that.” You see, an upset doesn’t have to be explosive, an upset can be a dribble. You get it? You don’t want to dribble, you don’t want the dung to dribble, and you don’t want the dung to explode.

What you want is a dream driven day, not a dung driven day. So let’s get back to the beginning, ready?

This recording is about what happens –  during the TYPICAL day, in most everyone’s life.

During the day what I notice, is people are walking around addicted to having upsets, and having stories about the upsets. Because having a story about an upset, “Oh, I’m an older man, woman, money,” allows you to go, “Hey look, here’s another upset I could have, yeah, another spike.” You see, we don’t really crave calm, we don’t really want to ever…

What we crave is wave.

What you crave is making waves, making a splash. Sounds fun, doesn’t it. Make a splash, this is peppered all through our language.

Look at people, what do they do on holidays?

They make a splash, they go to the pool, they go to Disney, they go to the beach, they make a splash. All right, until they decide it’s time to just retreat and be still, and try to be calm, so I can survive another year.

All righty, day two, addictions.

Kill those. By the way, how do you kill them? You notice I’m not diving deep into how to’s yet, even though there’s a lot of them hinted at?

You’ve got some tools, you already know them, you can use them. But we’ve got to nail the why’s.

Day one, why early in the day, maybe before you even get out of bed day two and beyond, right now, this recording, why the middle of the day is the way it is.

Stay tuned, it’s going to get… Be ready for the twist.

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